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Rent terms

Requirements for the lessee.

The car is rented to citizens of the Russian Federation with at least 3 years of driving experience, at least 23 years of age. Required documents for car rental.
For individuals:

  • passport;
  • driver's license.

For legal entities:

  • Company details;
  • company statutory documents (copies)
  • the power of attorney from the organization to sign the lease agreement and the acceptance-transfer certificate;
  • an application for rent in electronic form;
  • passport and driver's license for each employee admitted to management.


Include: the cost of rent, maintenance, insurance, mileage limit per day 400 km. If the daily limit is exceeded, the surcharge is made at the rate of 5 rubles / km. Unlimited mileage is defined as an additional service, the cost of which is 500 rubles per day. Do not include: the cost of fuel, paid parking and fines.

Terms of lease.

The beginning of the lease is calculated from the moment of signing the certificate of acceptance-transfer of the car. The car is rented for a period of not less than 24 hours (one day) from the moment of receiving the car. When renting for a shorter period, the payment is charged as for a full day.

Rent payment.

Payment is made in advance in rubles in cash or by cashless method.


At the conclusion of the contract of rent of a vehicle the customer makes a pledge according to the tariff. When returning a rented car from the hire in a fixed period and in the original condition, the deposit is fully refunded to the customer on the seventh day after the car is delivered. If during the operation the car has received insignificant damages at a price less than the amount of collateral and at the same time their repair can be performed by replacing the spare parts with new ones, the customer is returned a security less the price of repairing the damage. The tenant is not refundable if the car was damaged during the rental, which requires painting the body parts, or a long (several days) repair, or the car was stolen. In case of an accident, if the customer is not guilty, the pledge is fully refunded after all insurance payments.

Issuance and return of the car.

In the event that on the day of the expiration of the lease term, the lessee returns the car with a delay not exceeding 1 hour from the estimated time of the return, the car is considered returned in the established period (without delay). Late for more than 1 hour is paid at a rate of 500 rubles per hour. The car is rented in a pure form, equipped with all necessary equipment for operation. The delivery of a dirty car is 600 rubles. If the external condition of the vehicle makes it difficult to check it, the inspection is carried out only after washing.


Cars are refueled with the appropriate type of shots specified in the lease agreement. The amount of fuel at delivery of the car should be equivalent to its quantity on receipt, otherwise the calculation is made based on their cost of 40 rubles. for 1 liter of fuel.

Additional conditions.

The landlord can refuse to rent a car without explaining the reasons.

655000, Republic of Khakassia, Abakan city, Lenin Avenue, house 71