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Условия выкупа


To buy a car? There is nothing easier if you contact "GAUTOS"!

For you the anti-crisis proposal is already ready!

Is there no total amount to buy a new car? Banks refused to issue a loan? Rent a car with a ransom will help you! This decision becomes ideal in times of financial instability, because it allows you to buy cars without pain for your budget.

Employees of GAUTOS Company, using an individual approach and paying the utmost attention, analyze the needs and financial capabilities of each client, and as a result offer car rental with a choice of a subsequent purchase, as well as a convenient repayment schedule. The fleet of the company is represented by European cars mainly of Volkswagen and Skoda brands.

Rent a car with a right to buy: how it works

Making out the lease of the car with subsequent repurchase, our company still remains the owner, however, this does not in the least prevent you from using the machine for your own purposes: commercial transportation, taxis, family trips, etc. According to the terms of the long-term contract, we are responsible for the maintenance of the car we, so, you do not have to think about solving problems related to rubber replacement, car maintenance, insurance payments and tax payments.

Why car rental with a ransom is more beneficial than car loans?

  • You have an opportunity to negotiate individual terms of cooperation.
  • You return the car at any time, if the plans have changed and you intend to terminate the transaction.
  • You get a whole range of services - hire, maintenance, insurance.

Pros of our offer

  • We do not care about your income, and therefore we do not require a certificate.
  • In order to become our client, you just need to show your passport and driving license.
  • Cooperation with our company will not become part of your credit history.
  • You can discuss the registration of an application for the rental of a European car with subsequent repayment by calling us at the numbers on the website.

Become the owner of your dream car on favorable terms! We are waiting for you today!


Rent «with the right of the repayment» is made out quickly and demands a minimum of documents. However, this process is divided into stages, each of which has its own subtleties:


  • The choice of a car from the existing car rental fleet or a special order of the necessary car.
  • Calculation of the transaction amount.
  • Fill out a form for the security service to verify your personal information.
  • After the approval of your questionnaire, the contract of transferring the car for rent with a purchase is made out. This document specifies all the terms of the transaction, including the payment schedule. An auto transfer / acceptance certificate is necessarily attached. If the car is purchased by the rental office specifically for you, an initial payment is required, which must be paid on the day of signing the contract.
  • Agreement with the insurance company.
  • Getting a car for rent. The car from the park can usually be obtained on the day of signing the contract, and the car bought under the order - within a few days.
  • Getting the car into the property. Occurs at the end of all necessary payments under the contract.

With regard to renting "with the right to buy" cars, you can call us at 8 (3902) 320-312 or just fill out an application. We have special conditions for renting "with the right of redemption" of cars.

655000, Republic of Khakassia, Abakan city, Lenin Avenue, house 71